Prepping clothing

We will heat treat clothing, linens and any other soft goods and store them off site for the duration of the treatment. Keeping these materials out of the infested area makes sure they do not get re infested during extermination. When your exterminator has given you the all clear we will return your items to you and put them back in place.

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Prepping the rest

All drawers and shelves will be emptied and contents placed into sealed plastic bins. The will be a chemical strip added to the bin and this will kill any bugs or eggs in those materials. These bins are to be kept sealed for the duration of the treatment or they will need to be retreated. The bins can stay in your home away from the infested area or we can store them for you at an additional charge.

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Infested furniture

Any pieces of furniture or mattresses that have been infested that you don't want to treat and reuse can be disposed. All items that we take for disposal will be sealed in marked bags when removed from your home. This is to prevent any bugs or eggs to drop off the furniture and infest previously clean areas of your home or business, and keep anyone from trying to reuse pieces and further spread the infestation.

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Why we do this

Once you have a confirmed bed bug infestation you need a plan of attack to get you home or business back to normal. Working with your exterminator or if you are attempting to do it your self, Bug Prep Express can help you get rid of these pests and get back to your normal life.

We started this business because of a relative who had a bad experience with bed bugs. We paid to have her place prepped and it was not done to the satisfaction of the exterminator. It was four more days until they could treat the residence. A very long weekend with lots of unwanted house guests.

Even with the prep a month of having all of your clothes piled up in garbage bags is inconvenient and not a way to live. We decided that if we were to do this we would take the clothing off site, do the heat treating and store it until the exterminator said it was free of bed bugs.

Bed bugs don't judge you for having a dirty house or only live on the wrong side of the tracks. They don't even like human garbage, they want human blood to feed on. They are attracted to the carbon dioxide you breathe out and while you are sleeping come and feed. They can come from the finest hotels and resorts, summer camp, cruise ships or the dorm at you child's dream college to name a few. They hitch a ride and make a new home with you. They can lay dormant in the walls and move between apartments or hotel rooms after hitching a ride with someone else weeks before.

Regardless of how you got them, now you need to get rid of them. Let us prepare your home for a successful treatment and let you get back to your life.


Next Steps...

Give us a call and we can help you prepare for the exterminator to remove the bed bugs from your home or office.